Installing convertible top fabric and roof liner

Before installing the convertible top fabric and the roof liner, the adhesive bonding points must be cleaned.

Check all screws for tightness. If necessary, tension the auxiliary bow. No. Operation Instructions

Install holders on tack strip

Screw the three holders to the tack strip.

Install rear window

Zip the rear window into the convertible top fabric (use a provisional window, if one is available).

Prepare main bow

Cover the main bow with an adhesive tape, thickness about 1 cm, and apply adhesive up to the first

Then remove adhesive tape.

Prepare convertible top fabric Apply adhesive to the specified marking lines on the fabric, with the fabric not installed.

Position fabric

Position fabric with tack strip on vehicle. (Only place it

Attach fabric to main bow

Open convertible top about 40% and position fabric with longitudinal seams at main bow, observing the markings.

Attach fabric to main bow at sides

Apply adhesive to fabric and main bow and bond fabric to main bow. Close the convertible top. If there is insufficient tension on the fabric, loosen adhesive bond

7 Attach fabric to main bow at top

Open convertible top about 10%. Apply adhesive to main bow at front and bond fabric to main bow.

911 Carrera (993) Convertible Top, Hardtop

No. Operation

8 Insert and fasten tensioner ropes

9 Attach fabric to outer

10 Attach fabric to inner

11 Mount rubber strip, lower part of Tenax, seal and plate

12 Mount tensioner cloth

Attach tack strip

13 Fasten roof liner to main bow

14 Fasten roof liner to roof frame

15 Fasten roof liner to B-pillar

16 Close roof liner


Open top about 50%. Push tensioner ropes through fabric and attach the eyes with cover trims to the main bow using the cross-head screws.

Open top about 20%. Apply adhesive to roof frame and fabric. Bond fabric to roof frame at the marking (line).

Open top. Apply adhesive to roof frame and fabric. Bond fabric to roof frame.

Pull rubber strip around main bow and attach it to seal on main bow with plate. Fasten lower part of Tenax to main bow.

Place tensioner cloth around auxiliary bow, apply adhesive to roof frame and bond tensioner cloth to roof frame, applying slight tension.

Tighten tack strip mountings.

Push push-on sections of roof liner onto edges of

Fasten roof liner to roof frame using new rivets.

Apply adhesive to roof liner and main bow. Bond roof liner to main bow. Fasten roof liner to screw points of ropes with washers and nuts from the inside.

Attach roof liner to rear window using zipper.

Convertible Top, Hardtop

911 Carrera (993)

No. Operation


17 Fasten roof liner to tack strip. Fasten roof liner to Vetera strip on inside of tack strip.

18 Install rain channels.

Rivet rain channels to roof frame at front and rear.

19 Install roof frame seals.

Attach roof frame seals and retaining rails to roof frame

20 Install B-pillar seals.

Attach B-pillar seals and retaining rails to B-pillars using

21 Install cover trim.

Fasten cover trim to roof frame with mounting screws.

22 Install fixing pegs.

Insert fixing pegs in roof frame and tighten with ring

23 Install upholstered trim.

Fasten upholstered trim to roof frame with mounting

Weld rear window into place.

See description in 911 Carrera (993) Repair Manual, pages 64 - 25 to 64 - 30,

"Removing and installing flexible rear window of


63 15 19 Removing and installing front spoiler

Porsche 993 Trim Installing Convertible Top

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