Installing the windshield

No. Operation

20 Apply adhesive to the wind shield


Insert windshield into bodywork

21 Adjust windshield using templates

22 Locate windshield


Apply a trapezoidal bead of 2-pack adhesive to the bonding section of the windshield using the bonding gun. Dimension "x" = approx. 16 mm When applying the adhesive, be sure to apply the ad hesive in an overlapping manner

2 persons are required to insert and to adjust the windshield!

Insert windshield into window aperture of body in such a manner that the gaps between the windshield and the A-posts are parallel and that the gap between the windshield and the cowl is 4 mm.

Caution: Do not press windshield into position yet!

PreSbavindshield into windshield aperture of body using the roof (G1), cowl (G2) and B-post (G3) templates. Caution: Due to the consistency of the adhesive, a windshield pressed in too deeply cannot be reposi-

Use two spacer blocks (e.g. wooden or plastic strip) -4 mm thick - in the body cowl area to prevent the wind-

Locate windshield in the roof and B-post areas with a

Note: The locating and securing aids may be removed



Clean visible areas

Remove adhesive that has squeezed out immediately and clean the visible areas affected using cleaning solution (K5).

Connect windshield antenna connector to antenna amplifier

Refit upper instrument panel

Instrument panel mount: 2 upper self-tapping screws, one self-tapping screw on right and left-hand each, 1 hexagon head nut in center. Place right and left-hand

Fit demister molding

Fit demister molding with 5 countersunk-head self-

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