Insulating the gap between windshield and body

No. Operation


Remove cover strip.

Loosen and remove cover strip of windshield.

Clean gap between windshield and Wash out the gap between windshield and body with

Dry gap between windshield and

Dry the gap between windshield and body using compressed air all around the windshield.

Mask off windshield and body.

Apply masking tape around the windshield, making sure that the mounting section for the cover strip is covered. Apply masking tape all round the body opening for the windshield up to the edge of the gap.

5 Apply insulating material. Screw application nozzle (C) onto insulating material cartridge (B). Insert cartridge with nozzle into bonding gun (A).

Fill the gap between the windshield (mounting section) and the body completely with insulating material.

6 Remove excess insulating material. Strip excess insulating material above the gap between windshield and body off smoothly using a piece of cardboard.

Remove masking tape and instal cover strip.

Remove masking tape from windshield and body. Press windshield cover strip into mounting section

64 75 19 Removing and installing side window

The following tools and materials are required for the removal and installation

1435 - 64

Twin-cup suction puller Bonding gun

VAG 1561 VAG 1344 VAG 1628

z.B. VW Werk AG KD-Gerätevertrieb


Flashing knife

e.g. C & E FEIN GmbH & Co.

Postfach 172


Cutting knife curved

D-70013 Stuttgart 1

Cleaning solution

999.915.400.40 999.915.487.40 999.915.487.40


Removing and installing side window

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