Measuring card

important notes

Since electronic wheel alignment equipment combined with printers is used virtually in all workshops today, a sample measuring card is hardly ever required anymore.

To allow the measuring results to be documented in specific isolated cases, a copy of the measuring card shown on page 44 - 6a may be used.

The measuring cards can be used for all 911 vehicles from model '94, including 911Carrera (993) 911 Carrera 4 (993), 911 Turbo (993) and 911 Carrera RS (993).

The following fact should therefore be observed during operation:

Measuring cards cannot be ordered for the 911 Carrera (993), model '94 onward

Make a copy of the measuring card shown on page 44 - 6a.

Before making measurements, enter general data, vehicle version and the missing specificati-Actual values that are identical for all versions have already been entered into this card. Make as-received measurement (actual condition) and enter readings into the measuring cards. After adjustment (if required), enter actual values into the Measurement as delivered column.

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