Modified synchromesh on 1st and 2nd gear

The following parts have been modified: Friction ring shift sleeve (with three plunge-milled grooves on the inside teeth).

— friction ring (changed dimensions and

From transmission no.:

G 5020 1 000 884

G 5020 2 000 883

G 5021 1 002 186

G 5021 2 001 230

compression spring (unloaded length 16.22 mm)

From transmission no.:

G 5020 1 000960

G 5020 2 000927

G 5021 1 002238

G 5021 2 001294

Shift sleeve

Porsche Synchromesh

A = marking Note

Old and new parts must not be installed together in the same transmission. As only the modified parts are now available, all the modified parts must be installed in the event of repair work. The following points must be

Install the shift sleeve on the guide sleeve with the punch marks "B" centered

— New installation and wear dimensions installaton (new) =1.5...2.0 mm wear dimension = 1.2 mm

— Continuous groove "A" must point towards

A = distinctive groove 1905-35

(must point towards 2nd gear)


1 = shift sleeve

3 = driver dog

B = punch mark C = 2nd gear side D = 1 st gear side

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