Nominal values Notes Nominal values


Pressure accumulator new

Wear limit

Gas filling pressure

Switching points of the pressure warning switch

Brake pressure warning lamp warning point for pressure build-up for presssure reduction

Cut-out point of the pump at the latest at the earliest Cut-in point of the pump (after pressure reduction)

up to approx. 115 bar max. up to 133 bar as from 105+2/-5 bar at approx. 180 bar at approx. 160 bar

Freedom from leaks of the booster circuit

Pressure drop, starting from the cut-out point of the pump (precondition: nominal value is achieved)

not below 140 bar in 30 minutes not below 100 bar in 3 hours

Replace pressure accumulator if the gas filling pressure has reached or fallen below the wear limit.

If the actual values deviate from the nominal values, replace the pressure warning switch

Read off the pressure immediately after independent cut-out of the pump

Fill the pressure accumulator completely 2 x previously (start the pump running again after 1st cut-out by operating the brake pedal). Then turn the ignition key to position 0 and disconnect the electrical plug at the pump. No longer operate the brake pedal now. External leak: Retighten lines or replace the corresponding parts.

Possible internal leaks:

- Brake booster

- Pump assembly

First check the brake booster. To do this, dismantle the line at the pressure accumulator (in depressurized condition). Close off the pressure accumulator with a mini-measuring connection or suitable bleeder valve. Repeat the test.

Then replace the localized/damaged parts and bleed the system.

Caution: Wear protective goggles and protective gloves when decreasing the pressure via the bleeder valve.

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