Always make sure that there is a certain amount of backlash when tightening the hex bolts. Never allow the drive pinion to bind.

4. Assemble measuring lever VW 388 and adjusting device VW 521/4 and adjust lever length to 80 mm with the plunger. Refer to dimension "a" in the picture.

5. Insert adjusting device with clamping sleeve (Special Tool 9145) into the differential and clamp firmly.

6. Rotate differential in both directions several times to settle the tapered roller bearings.

7. Fit universal dial gauge holder with flat extension in such a way as to produce a right angle between dial gauge axis and lever.


Dimension "a" = approx. 80 mm

8. Turn ring gear carefully at the clamping screw of the adjusting device up to the stop and set the dial gauge to zero. Turn back ring gear and read off circumferential backlash. Note the reading.

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