Porsche 993 Rear Shock Absorber Mount Flange Ebay

Start by turning tie rod forward (arrow). Then angle off ball joint (ball pin), observing drawing, and pull out in this position.

3. Press tie rod ball joint off the steering ir, e.q. Nexus 168-1


suitable puller, e.c 1), in conjunction with 12 mm cap nut 2 / from Special Tool VW 267 a).

Drawing Porsche 993
Drawing Porsche 993

4. Remove stabilizer mount from stabilizer bar. To facilitate assembly (for added assembly space and better tie rod position), move steering rack fully into steering housing.

5. Undo lock nuts (4 ea. M 8) from spring strut mount. Before undoing them, mark installation position of strut mount (position of four

6. Turn spring strut until the brake disc points inside towards the rear (arrow). Then press spring strut / suspension down and pivot upper end out of fender area.

Caution: Make sure the brake hose and the electrical wiring are not under tension

Do not push spring strut / suspension too far down and do not move upper end too

Porsche 993 Rear Strut Bearing Pictures

7. Remove old seal. If required, a second mechanic should help with removal. Remove seal residue from spring strut turret and from body panels.

8. Bond new seal correctly in place:

The threaded studs of the mount must be centered in the seal holes. If this precaution is not observed, the seal may be squeezed at the studs.

Porsche 993 Tie Rods

9. Install spring strut mount to strut turret in correct position, i.e. the red color dot (arrow) must point forwards (strut mount is not symmetrical). This is the reason why the shock absorber piston rod is offset somewhat towards the rear. Use new lock nuts. Align spring strut with marks applied (position of four flange lock nuts) before tightening.

Tightening torque 33 Nm (24 ftlb.).

11. Fit stabilizer mount and tie rods. Replace lock nuts.

When tightening the lock nuts of the tie rod ball joint, use Special Tool 9546 (Torx screwdriver) to lock.

Observe tightening torques: Tie rod ball joint to steering arm = 75 Nm (55 ftlb.). Stabilizer mount to stabilizer bar = 46 Nm (34 ftlb.).

Porsche Ball Joints
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