Notes on fourpiston fixed caliper

Assembly notes

The brake caliper halves must not be separated from each other.

Piston seals, dirt scraper rings and spring plates may be replaced on an assembled

To remove the spring plates, heat the mounting screws to approx. 150° C (300° F) with a hot air gun since the screws have been installed with locking cement. Use new screws

These screws are attached to the repair kit.— The screw type has been changed and Torx srews are now used instead of hexagon socket screws. When stocks of the old kits have been used up, only kits with Torx screws will be available. Caution: Apply Loctite 222 to the screw threads. This applies to both types of screw. The bonding agent previously specified must

In the case of repair work, this also applies retroactively to other brake calipers.

Use Unisilikon TK 44 N 2 brake cylinder paste to fit the brake pistons. (This is also applicable retroactively for the repair of other brake calipers). Unisilikon paste is available from the Parts department (Part No. / 50 g tube).

To be able to check the correct installation position of the brake calipers with the brake pads installed, the fixed calipers have an arrow indicating the direction of rotation of the brake disc.

The arrow is visible near the Porsche logo on the outside of the caliper, and above the brake pipe connection hole on the inside of the caliper.

When the brake calipers are removed, the brake caliper mounting screws should be replaced on the front axle.

1989 Pace Arrow Inside Wiring Diagram

X = Never undo or tighten those screws

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