A = bonding gun B = adhesive set

Contents of adhesive set:

B1 = cartridge with component A B2 = cartridge with component B B3 = mixing tube (for window)

B7 = mixing tube (for locking bolts)

Bonding locking bolts to rear window

66 24 inn en

66 38 13 Fastening roof cover

Bonding locking bolts to rear window

The locking bolts can only be bonded in place with the rear window installed.

No. Operation instructions

Pull out cover strip; clean rear window and locking bolts.

Pull out cover strip at top of rear window. Clean the top of the rear window and the bonding areas of the locking

Mask off rear window and

Mask off rear window for primer application in accordance with dimensions A to D using masking tape and apply a thin even coat of primer to these areas using

Allow the primer to evaporate for at least 5 minutes. Then remove the masking tape from the rear window.

Position locking bolts on rear

Mark the centre of the vehicle on the rear window. Position the locking bolts on the rear window in accordance with dimensions A to C and mark the positions. Dimension A = 31 Dimension B = 306 Dimension C = 612

Fix locking bolts on rear window.

Remove the backing tape of the two-sided adhesive tape at the bottom of the locking bolts and press the locking bolts onto the rear window in the marked positions applying a force of 50 N. To monitor application, place the reinforcement frame over the locking bolts.

5 Clip cartridges with components Clip the component B cartridge to the component A A and B together. cartridge.

No. Operation


Open assembled cartridge.

Cut the closures of the two cartridges off level using a

Install mixing tube.

Push mixing tube B7 into the groove on the assembled cartridge and screw it into place using the union nut.

8 Place cartridges in bonding gun.

Place the assembled cartridge with mixing tube in the

Prepare mixing tube.

Cut the end of the mixing tube so that there is an opening with a diameter of 8 mm for the adhesive.

Bond locking bolts to rear window. Place the opening of the mixing tube on the large hole in the locking bolt. Fill adhesive into the space between rear window and locking bolt until adhesive emerges from the small hole in the locking bolt.

10 Install cover strip.

Press the cover strip into the mounting section on the

Cut excess adhesive off locking bolt. Cut adhesive which has emerged from the small open ing in the locking bolt off using a sharp knife before installing the reinforcement frame.

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