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System Tester 9288 with connection wire and corresponding program module from version 5.0 / 9.93




928 DV 928 GV 928 FV 928 IV 928 EV 928 SV 928 JV



000.721.928. DV 000.721.928. GV 000.721.928. FV 000.721.928. IV 000.721.928. EV 000.721.928. SV 000.721.928. JV








Scope of application of menus

Item 1: Fault memory

Used for fault detection / troubleshooting.

Item 2: Drive links

Used for troubleshooting. Drive links (actuators) may be triggered with System Tester 9288.

Item 3: Actual values

Used for troubleshooting. Actual values may be retrieved with System Tester 9288.

ABS 5 and ABS 5 / ABD menus

1 = Fault memory

2 = Drive links

3 = Actual values

1 = Static test

2 = System check

3 = Bleeding


ABS 5 includes only 5 menus. 3= Bleeding is omitted.

Item 1 : Static test

Electrical test of the system (preliminary check), e.g. after replacement of relays or if plugs have been disconnected. Caution: This test cannot under any circumstances replace the system check as the electrical wires and hydraulic lines are not tested for incorrect connection. In addition, the mechanical operation of the solenoids is

Item 2: System check

After carrying out specific repair and/or assembly operations on the ABS 5 or ABS 5 / ABD (refer to p. 45-7), a system check (operational test) must be run with System Tester 9288. This test is menu-controlled. Caution: Certain individual test steps must be completed within 30 seconds as the test will otherwise be aborted.

Item 3: Bleeding

Only for vehicles with ABS 5 / ABD. Not used on vehicles with ABS 5 . Used to bleed the ABD circuit of the hydraulic unit after replacing the hydraulic unit. May also be used if pedal travel is excessive, provided the system has previously been bled perfectly.


The menu-driven testing procedure and troubleshooting are described in Vol. VIII Diagnosis.

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