Rear axle

Prepare the car for checking and adjusting the wheel alignment values. Place front wheels on rotary tables etc. Jounce vehicle and rear and front axle 2 or 3 times and let the springs return the car to its normal height.

Adjusting sequence (to be observed by all

2. Camber. Adjust at control arm 3 -

3. Kinematic change of toe-in.

Adjust at control arm 4 - area C. To adjust, mount the Special Tools (measuring gauges) 9549 and 9550 to control arm 2 and control

Adjust at control arm 4 - area C - at III = Hexagon socket for rotation of

Kinematic Toe Tool

Adjusting toe-in

With the underbody paneling removed, turn eccentric A as required. If only the toe-in has to be corrected (camber o.k.), the kinematic toe-in change does not have to be checked.

Adjusting camber

Remove cover of control arm 1/5 (bottom control arm). Rotate eccentric B as required. To undo the lock nut, use Special Tool 9558 in conjunction with a torque wrench. Use Special Tool 9557 to lock at eccentric B. If the camber setting has been corrected, the kinematic toe-in change will have to be check-

When tightening the lock nut with Special Tool 9558, observe the following: 85 Nm (63 ftlb.) at the lock nut corresponds to a setting of approx. 65 Nm (48 ftlb.) at the torque

Kinematic toe-in change


Both measuring gauges (Special Tool 9549 and 9550) are required both for measuring on the left-hand and on the right-hand side (interchange measuring gauges).

Special Tool 9549 for control arm 5. Negative scale range (long end of tool) points towards transmission side.

Special Tool 9550 for control arm 2. The scales are marked. The upper scale is valid for the left-hand side of the axle, and the lower scale is valid for the right-hand side of the axle.

Control Arms Move

Check cover of control arm 2 for correct fit. When no excessive force is applied, the cover must not shift by more than 10 mm (move to the left and right by applying only light force). Replace cover if required. Trapezoidal end of cover (arrow) must point towards wheel side.

Warm Regulator Rebuild
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