Removal and assembly notes


1. Remove engine guard and rear underside

2. Drain transmission oil.

3. Remove crossbrace.

4. Disengage shift rod coupling from inner shift rod.

5. Support transmission on general-purpose transmission jack and unbolt transmission support from body.

6. Lower engine-transmission assembly only so far that the assembly will not rest on the stabilizer bar.

7. Determine installation position of reverse shift fork for reinstallation, measuring dimension "A" with depth gauge.



1. Tighten hexagon head nuts of drive pinion and input shaft to specified torque and lock the nuts.

2. Adjust reverse shift fork to the dimension "A" determined during removal and check adjustment (refer to explosion drawing No. 26).

3. Adjust inner shift rod so that all gears can be selected freely without binding. To achieve this, undo hexagon-head bolts of clamping plate and turn eccentric bushing.


A = Clamping plate B = Eccentric bushing

4. Screw a long M 8 bolt into the inner shift rod and shift through all gears to check operation.


Manual Transmission - Gears, Shafts, Internal Controls 911 Carrera (993)

5. Place engine-transmission assembly onto general-purpose transmission jack and raise into installation position. Attach transmission support to body (Ma = 46 Nm / 34 ftlb.).


Check engine compartment rubber seal between body and engine paneling for correct seating. If required, unbolt transmission support from body once more, correct seal position and refit transmission support.

6. Fit shift rod coupling to inner shift rod.

7. Fill in transmission oil (refer to Vol. I page 03-28).

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