Removing and installing alternator

Removing alternator No. Operation


Disconnect battery

Take off fan belt

Press off fan wheel

Installing alternator No. Operation

Fit alternator in cooling blower housing

Fit fan wheel for alternator cooling

Fit air guide cowl

Reconnect ground cable

Align cooling housing with

Unscrew negative terminal clamp from battery and cover

Remove protective cap. Undo hexagon-head nut (24 mm A/F) and use a polygon wrench (from car tool kit) to lock.

Press fan wheel off the alternator, using puller VW 202 if required. Adapt both puller hooks to fit.


Fit alternator. Make sure terminal B+ and terminal D + are opposite the TDC line mark (located on the edge

Apply a thin coat of Loctite 270 to alternator shaft threads and tighten hex nut to 14 ± 1 Nm (10 ± .7 ftlb.).

Grease rubber grommet of alternator wiring harness prior to fitting the air guide cowl, e.g. with Contifix tire assembly compound. Press air guide cowl cutout into rubber grommet and tighten air guide cowl with four lock nuts.

Position ground cable on camshaft housing (in area of cylinder No. 3) and tighten to 23 Nm (17 ftlb.).

Place cooling blower housing onto crankcase locating pin. Press in cooling blower housing to stop (in direction of travel) and tighten restraining strap at the same time.

If the alternator has been fitted correctly, the wiring harness must exit from the air guide cowl

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