Removing and installing ATF cooler

The ATF cooler is installed in the wheel house in front of the right front wheel. It is mounted on the engine oil cooler and cooled by the two-stage electric fan of the engine oil

1. Remove right headlight, unclip wire retainer and unscrew hexagon head screw for

4. Unscrew horn mount from wheel house.

5. Remove console. To do so, unscrew three hexagon nuts (M 8) from wheel house and one (M 6) for tension strut.

6. Remove air baffle.

7. Disconnect ATF lines from cooler.

2. Remove front wheel housing liner and lower

3. Pull connector off electric fan and remove indicator mount by turning it to the left


8. Unscrew hexagon head screw and remove ATF cooler (illustration shows cooler removed).


Do not disconnect oil lines for engine oil cooler. The cooler remains in the wheel house.


Tightening torques, Nm (ftlb.

I Bracket to headlight holder = 10 (7)

Console to wheel house =23(17)

Tension strut to console =10(7)

ATF cooler to engine oil cooler = 10 (7)

Horn holder to wheel house = 10 (7)

1. Adopt the reverse procedure for installation

2. Replace O rings for ATF lines on cooler.

3. Check that the rubber edging of the fan housing and the console is correctly posi-


4. Check, and if necessary top up, ATF level (see page 37 -101).

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