Removing and installing Carrera RS steering wheel Momo


1. Remove the upholstered trim from the steering wheel (see following text). Caution: Do not dismantle the lid with the Porsche emblem.

First pull (lift) the top and bottom of the hori zontal spokes on the trim over the steering wheel spokes.

Then pull the trim over the vertical (lower) spoke (lift it over the steering wheel spoke). Unplug horn connector from upholstered trim.

Steering Wheel Restoration

2. Unscrew hexagonal nut (arrow / Fig. 2196-48) and remove it together with lock washer.

Momo Steering Wheel 993 Porsche

3. Turn wheels of vehicle to straight ahead position.

Then mark the position of the steering wheel in relation to the steering shaft (for re-installation). Ta^ off steering wheel (in straight ahead position).


1. With the vehicle wheels in the straight ahead position (as marked during removal) install the steering wheel with the upper spokes horizontal.

2. Install hexagonal nut with lock washer and tighten with 45 Nm (33.2 ftlb).

3. Install upholstered trim. First press (lift) it over the upper (horizontal) spokes. Then press (lift) it over the lower (vertical) steering wheel spoke.

4. Check hom for correct functioning.

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