Removing and installing compressor


1. Draw off refrigerant with service equipment.

2. Pull off wiring connector.

3. Only slacken compressor mounting bolts. Undo tensioning bolt lock nut and screw out



New compressors are pressurized and are filled with the respective total oil quantity required for the refrigerant circuit. The oil quantity remaining in the individual components must therefore be taken into account.


4. Detach refrigerant pipes from compressor. Plug ports and piping immediately with air-

5. Move compressor to the left and take off V-belt. Take out mounting bolts and take off compressor.

1. Screw cap off the service valve and release pressure from compressor. Detach service valve from compressor (4 bolts) and take off

2. Pour approx. 50 cc of refrigerant oil from the compressor into a graduated measuring glass. The remaining oil quantity (approx. 90 cc) remains in the compressor.


Refrigerant oil drawn off from an A/C system that has already been operated must not be

3. Tightening torque of compressor mounting bolts (M 8 x 125 bolts): 28 Nm (20.5)

4. Tightening torque of refrigerant pipe (M 8 x 32 bolts): 23 Nm (17) Replace all mounting bolts during each reassembly (micro-sealed bolts). Replace O-rings and coat lightly with refri-

5. Tightening torque of service valve

6. Remove plugs from piping and compressor port only immediately before refitting.

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