Removing and installing condenser


1. Use service unit to draw off refrigerant.

2. Unbolt and take off left front wheel.

3. Remove wheel housing liner and lower section of front spoiler.

4. Disconnect connector linking the ballast resistor to the condenser fan. Undo refrigerant pipes from condenser, using a suitable tool to lock.


5. Plug ports and pipes immediately with a suitable air-tight seal.

6. Pull off electrical connector from fan motor. Unclip headlight wire and vent hose.

7. Disconnect both headlight cleaner hoses from regulator valve. Detach condenser support bracket from lower body end and remove as a unit.

8. Undo self-tapping screws (4 ea.) from support bracket and pull out condenser from


1. Remove plugs inserted in pipes and condenser port only ¡mediately before refitting components.

2. Replace O-rings and coat lightly with refrigerant oil.

3. Tightening torques for refrigerant pipes:

5/8" - 18 UNF 17 ± 3 Nm (12.5 ± 2) 3/4" - 16 UNF 24 ± 4 Nm (18 ± 3)

4. Determine refrigerant oil volume and refill with refrigerant oil (drawn off volume + 20 cc).


Refrigerant oil drawn off from an A/C system that has already been operated must not be reused.

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