Removing and installing flexible rear window of Cabriolet

Installing flexible rear window of Cabriolet.

No. Operation Instructions

Insert rear window

Insert a slide in the end of the zip fastener on the window. Position rear window in covering. Position the ends of the two halves of the zip fastener precisely over each other and close the zip fastener up to the wire

Push wire connections through

Push wire connections between the zip fastener strip and the fabric covering through the separate compartments in the teflon insert to the inside. Warning: Do not cross the wire connections. There is a risk of short circuits. Close the zip fastener and remove the slide.

Insert support rail

Position the support rail for the inside plate with its pins

Insert inside plate

Push the inside plate in between the roof liner and the covering. Place the bottom edge of the inside plate on the support rail, centring it. Press the inside plate against the covering at the top and push it forwards

Secure the inside plate against slipping using the stopper. Take the ends of the wires through the opening in the inside plate and pull them out gently.

Position outside pressure frame

Place the pressure frame on the outside of the covering, centring it on the rear window cutout.


Fasten outside pressure frame

Connect power cable

Install the belt across the pressure frame. Connect the hooks on the end of the belt to the left and right wheel rims; ahead of the axle. Push the protective sleeve over the tensioner0teCt ^ k^0*" th® belt Using

The outside pressure frame must be positioned evenly onto t^rear^T"9 ^ ^ ^ C°Vering eVenly 056mmfeTSSUre a" ar°Und th6 rear Wind°W USin9 3

If the pressure frame does not make contact all around the window, the window may melt and tear when the copper wire is heated.

Connect the power cable to the flexible copper wires.

Do not cross the ends of the copper wires. Other-mark' ther®hmay be 3 Short circuit- causing burn

Set timer switch to 2 minutes. When this time has elapsed, disconnect the power cable and allow the adhesive to cool for 20 minutes. The special tools must stay in position while the adhesive cools. Loosen the belt and remove the special tools. Cut the ends of the copper wires back to a length of about

^dth T b PUSh th6m 'n b6tWeen th® 2'P fastener str'P

Check that the joint between the rear window and the covering is tight. Otherwise, repeat steps 3 to 7. Close zip fastener of roof lining all round, remove

'f|thk ten^'°n °n the °UtSid® Pressure frame becomes

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