Removing and installing front brake disc


3. Fit brake disc.

Take off front wheel

2. Disconnect brake pipe from brake hose at spring strut and remove brake caliper. Before dismantling the brakes, push down brake pedal with pedal holder to prevent brake fluid from escaping from reservoir. Cover and plug brake hose and brake pipe (to prevent ingress of dirt). Remove retaining spring from brake hose.

3. After having undone the countersunk screw(s), take off brake disc. If the brake disc is binding and cannot be released even by applying light plastic hammer blows, screw two hexagon head bolts evenly into both 8 mm threads of brake disc and press off brake disc.


1. Check condition of all components and re-

2. Clean end face and centering surface of brake disc and wheel hub. Apply a thin coat of Optimoly TA to centering surface of wheel hub.

Be careful not to confuse right-hand and left-hand brake discs during reassembly. The discs may be identified by their involute shape and part number. The part number is indicated on the brake disc.

Spare part for left-hand side -3rd group number: uneven digit

Spare part for right-hand side -3rd group number: even digit


Left-hand brake disc Part No.: 993.351 .Q43.01

Right-hand brake disc Part No.: 993.351.044.01

4. Fit brake caliper. Tighten new bolts of brake caliper to 85 Nm. Check for correct routing of brake hose and brake pipe.

Bleed front brake circuit. Note

Replace the mounting bolts (front axle only) whenever the brakes have been dismantled.

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