Removing and installing multifunctional switch on transmission

1. Set selector lever to position "N".

2. Remove transmission undertray.

3. Remove rear underside panel.

4. Remove left rear hot air pipe.

5. Disconnect selector lever cable from

6. Remove actuating lever.


A = selector lever cable C = hexagon nut ( M 8 x 1) with washer

8. Detach, unlock and disconnect connector.


A = wire retainer

9. Unscrew fastening screws for multifunctional switch completely and remove switch.

For installation, proceed in reverse order. Tightening torques:

Multi-functional switch to transmission = 10 Nm Actuating lever to selector shaft = 15 Nm

7. Press retaining lugs for wire retainer "A" together and lift holder out upwards.

1. Set selector shaft to position "N" (turn shaft anti-clockwise up to the stop and then back two clicks) and place switch in the correct position.

2. Check, and if necessary adjust, setting of selector lever cable.


2. Adjusting multifunctional switch.

Push pointer of special tool 9326 onto the selector shaft and turn the switch until the locating pin can be pushed into the fixing hole of the switch. Tighten the mounting screws to 10 Nm (7 ftlb.) in this position.

A = locating pin

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