Removing and installing rear brake disc


1. Take off rear wheel

2. Remove brake caliper from wheel carrier and suspend caliper inside wheel housing (do not open hydraulic brake system).

3. Engage a screwdriver into the hole in the brake disc and turn adjuster in „slackening" direction.

Lift off brake disc after removing countersunk screw(s).


1. Clean end face and centering surface of brake disc and wheel hub. Apply a thin coat of Optimoly TA to centering surface of wheel hub.

2. Fit brake disc (right and left-hand brake discs are identical).

3. Adjust parking brake shoes and parking brake cables (page 46 - 13). Fit brake caliper. Tighten mounting bolts to 85 Nm.

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    How to take off brakes pads off a 1997 porch 993 tourbo?
    3 years ago

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