Removing and installing rear speed sensor


1. With the ignition switched off, open the connector assembly on the wheel carrier and unplug the connector for the speed sensor.

2. Unscrew the mounting bolt (Allen bolt) and remove the speed sensor.



1. Apply Molykote Longterm to the speed sensor and the hole in the wheel carrier.

Caution: There is no O-ring between the speed sensor and the wheel carrier. In addition, the front and rear speed sensors must not be confused with each other. Otherwise, the blade of the speed sensor will be offset 90 degrees from the pulse edge.

Distinguishing feature: Spare part no. marked on the speed sensor lead and position of mounting hole in relation to blade.

1 = Front axle speed sensor

2 = Rear axle speed sensor.

2. Insert speed sensor in wheel carrier without applying any force and tighten the Allen bolt with 10 Nm (7.4 ftlb).

3. If the speed sensor is removed or replaced because of an ABS / ABD malfunction or in the course of repairing accident damage, the sensor must be tested using system tester 9288, menu "actual values" item "speed".

Description in Repair Manual, p. 45 -37 / 45 - 38, Vol. VIII, Diagnosis.

45 15 19 Removing and installing rear speed sensor

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