Removing and installing relay for hydraulic pump


Three relays for controlling the return pump and the hydraulic pump (for the brake booster circuit) and for power supply to the solenoid valves in the hydraulic unit are installed on a mount in the front right part of the luggage compartment.

1 = Relay for return pump

2 = Relay for solenoid valves

3 = Relay for hydraulic pump

4 = Blind rivet

Removal and installation

Remove and insert the relay (no. 3) with the ignition switched off. Make sure that the connectors are firmly seated in the relay socket (the connectors may have slipped slightly down out of the relay socket).

In order to remove the lid on the relay mount, the pin in the blind rivet must be pressed out and the mount must be completely removed. The pin can be removed by applying compressed air behind the mounting plate.

Hydraulic Rivet Remover


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