Removing and installing Removal

1. Disconnect battery.

2. Remove complete center console, knee guard and side nozzle.

3. Undo Central Information System and leave it supended on the wiring.

4. Turn ignition lock to position „2" (Ignition on). Note

The ignition lock must be in position „2". If it is left in any other position, both the lock and the bowden cable may be damaged.

5. Unbolt bowden cable from ignition lock.


keylock bowden cable

6. Undo mounting screws of valve body.


7. Disengage bowden cable from pedal floorboard and from bracket for center console.


1. Assemble in reverse order, observing the following points.

2. Turn ignition lock to position „2" (Ignition on) and fit bowden cable to ignition lock. Tightening torque: 2.5 Nm (2 ftlb)

3. Fit bowden cable valve body using sleeves and hexagon head bolts.

Tightening torque: 2.5 Nm (2 ftlb)

4. Set selector lever to position ,,P" and turn ignition lock to position „0".

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