Removing and Installing the hydraulic control unit


5. Remove inductive speed sensor and pull wiring harness out of holding clamps.


7. Mark the push-on sleeves for re-installation and pull off from the solenoid valves.

8. Pull the wiring harness out of the holding clamps and remove the control unit.


Installation takes place in reverse order.

1. Tightening torques: Control unit to transmission ATF strainer to control unit ATF pan to transmission Drain screw to ATF pan Hollow screw to ATF pa

= 8 Nm (6 ftlb) = 8 Nm (6 ftlb) = 6 Nm (4 ftlb) =40 Nm (29 ftlb) =40 Nm (29 ftlb)


6. Unscrew 13 fixing screws (head diameter 12 mm) with Torx insert T 27 and lower hydraulic control unit only so far as to guarantee that the wiring harness is not subjected to any tension.

Place the hydraulic control unit on a suitable surface (e.g. transmission jack).



The hydraulic control unit must not be sus pended from the wire harness.

38 77 19 Removing and installing the hydraulic control unit

Printed in Germany - V, 1994

2. Push on push-on sleeves for solenoid valves up to the stop. Pay attention to cable

4. Screw in the fixing screws for the hydraulic-control unit and counter slightly. Pay attention to screw lengths.


Solenoid valves

Cable colors


Solenoid valve 1



Solenoid valve 2



Solenoid valve 3



Solenoid valve


(pressure contrĂ´ler)

3. Mount the hydraulic control unit so that the pin of the notched disk projects into the recess of the selector slide.


A = Screw length 80 mm B = Screw length 65 mm C = Screw length 115 mm D = Screw length 60 mm

Position hydraulic control unit. To do this, move notched disk to position 1 (1st gear) and push hydraulic control unit back until it rests against the notched disk. Tighten fixing screws with 8 Nm in this position.

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