Removing and installing the hydraulic control unit

Printed ih Germany - V, 1994



The two holding brackets with the straight legs must be mounted at the side.

9. Screw in ATF drain screw with new sealing ring. Tightening torque 40 Nm.

10. Screw in hollow screw for oil level pipe with new sealing rings. Tightening torque 40 Nm.


11. Fill with ATF fluid (refer to page 38-103).

A = Notched disk B = Selector slide

6. Insert pulse sensor and mount holding plate so that the lugs engage in the connector grooves.

7. Fit ATF strainer with O-ring. Tightening torque 8 Nm.

8. Place two magnets in the beads of the ATF pan, fit seal and secure the pan with the holding brackets so that the short legs press onto the ATF pan.

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