Repair group survey911 Carrera 993

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Volume V: Body 5

Body Body front section 50

Body center section, roof, frame 51

Body rear section 53

Front doors, Central Locking System 57

Exterior body equipment 6

Glasses, window control 64

Exterior equipment 66

Interior equipment, passenger protection 68

Interior body equipment 7

Trim, insulation 70

Seat upholstery, covers 74

Volume VI: Air conditioning 8

Air conditioning Heater 80

Vehicle electrics Ventilation 85

Auxiliary air conditioning system 88

Electrical system 9

Instruments, alarm 90

Radio, telephone, on-board computer 91

Windshield wipers and washer 92

Exterior lights, lamps, switches 94

Interior lights, lamps, switches 96

Volume VII: Electrical system 9

Wiring diagrams Wiring 97

Volume VIII: Diagnosis D

Diagnosis Self-diagnosis 03

DME Diagnosis 24

Tiptronic Diagnosis 37

PDAS Diagnosis 39

ABS Diagnosis 45

Airbag Diagnosis 68

Heater Diagnosis 80

Alarm Diagnosis 90

Preface Structure

The "Technical Literture" for the "911 Carrera (993)" model is basically structured as before i.e. the structure follows the familiar repair groups.

A new feature is that the structure includes the main groups 0 to 9 and the main group D.

Complete vehicle - General Engine

Fuel, exhaust, engine electrical system




Body equipment, outside Body equipment, interior Air conditioning Electrical system Diagnosis

Main groups: 0


The layout in the below items remains unchanged throughout the repair manual

1. Table of tightening torques

2. Special tools required

4. Legends for the exploded views

5. Assembly notes / use of special tools

As a new feature, however, the former item 6 (Repair group diagnosis) is no longer filed in the volume corresponding to the respective repair group. The Diagnosis test plans / diagnosis procedures have been combined in a separate Diagnosis volume broken down according to the main groups 0 to 9.

Another new feature is that the contents of the "Service Information Technik" are indicated in the Repair Manual. This brochure concentrates on a description of the design and function of components and of the new features introduced for a particular model year.

Service Number

Ali major repair procedures and repair descriptions are identified by a two- or four-digit Service Number completed by two additional digits to identify the work that corresponds to the first six digits of the working position number in the Working Times and Damage Catalog.

Example: 30 37 37 Dismantling and assembling clutch control shaft

Explanation: 30 37 37 50 (full working position number)

Repair group -1

here: Clutch, control

Component designation-

here: Clutch control shaft

Activity -

here: Dismantling and assembling

Index -

here: Removed

Presentation In the various documents

30 37 37 50

30 37 37

30 37

Working position no. from Working Times and Damage Catalog, consisting of repair group, component designation, activity and index Six-digit number in Repair Manual, consisting of repair group, component designation and activity

Service number in Service Information, consisting of repair group and component designation


The introduction of a service number in the "technical literature" is intended to facilitate standardization and positive identification to allow direct cross-referencing among the various documents This is of particular importance with regard to the use of electronic media.

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