Repairing incipient cracks between rear center panel and rear side panels

In order to repair the incipient cracks between the rear center panel and rear side panels, the engine compartment lid, the convertible top, the rear wheel houses and the engine compartment insulation must be partially dismantled.



Unlock rear lid

Disconnect electrical cables from rear lid

Unclip connector cap from wire harness, disconnect connector and pull cable holder off hinge. Unscrew fastening nut of ground connection cable.

2 Remove rear lid

Unscrew mounting screws. Lift lid off vehicle and place

Unlock convertible top

3 Remove side wall trim

Remove mounting screws and press studs of side wall trim panels. Disconnect plugs from loudspeakers and take side wall trim panels out of vehicle.

4 Remove rear wall trim

Remove mounting screws of rear wall trim panel. Pull rear wall trim panel forward and take it out of vehicle.

5 Disconnect rear tack strip

Unscrew fastening nuts of holders from rear tack strip.

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Disconnect tack strip at sides

Press roof liner upwards and outwards at mounting points and unscrew mounting nuts of tack strip.

Remove rear left and right wheelhousing trims

Disconnect right and left engine Unscrew retaining press stud and disconnect engine compartment insulation compartment insulation from body.

Lift convertible top off body at rear

Lift convertible top off body at rear and fix it in this position by inserting a wooden wedge for example.

Position covers

Cover convertible top, right rear side panel, left rear side panel, lights and rear spoiler.

Remove paint from joints

Remove paint to bright metal in the area of the joints between rear center and side panels using a rotary brush.

Apply heat transfer paste

To prevent thermal warping, apply heat transfer paste to

Weld joints

Weld joints (full weld) by inert arc welding.

Remove heat transfer paste

Grind welds

Grind welds to contour of body using an angle grinder.

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Repair damaged underseal.

Apply underseal in accordance with instructions in painting manual, Section L 4, Underseal - material and

Paint repaired body section.

Paint in accordance with painting manual, Section L4 - material and application data and Section L5 - working procedures/methods, - blending

Re-assemble vehicle

Mount left and right engine compartment insulation with

Attach tack strip of convertible top at sides and rear. Install rear and side wall trim panels. Install rear lid and

Install left and right rear wheel housing trims.

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