Replacing ATF fluid and ATF strainer

Filling capacity: approx. 9.0 I Oil change capacity: approx. 3.0

Oil grade:

ATF-Dexron II D

Tightening torques:

When changing the ATF fluid, the vehicle must be on a level surface, the engine must be stopped and the transmission guard must be removed.

Removing ATF pan and ATF strainer: Drain ATF fluid.

Remove ATF pan by undoing banjo bolt for oil level pipe and six mounting bolts.

Changing 993

B = Banjo bolt C = Mounting bolts

Remove ATF strainer with Torx insert T 27.

Porsche 993 Oil Change Diagram
A = Drain plug with seal

Installing ATF strainer and ATF pan:

Clean ATF pan thoroughly.

Fit ATF strainer with new O-ring. Tightening torque: 8 Nm (6 ftlb.).

Place two magnets into the grooves in the ATF pan, place gasket into position and attach pan using the mounting brackets in such a manner that the short legs are pushed onto the ATF pan.


The two mounting brackets with the straight legs must be fitted sideways.

Screw in ATF drain plug with new seal. Tightening torque: 40 Nm (29 ftlb.).

Screw in banjo bolt for oil level pipe complete with new seals. Tightening torque:

Filling in ATF fluid:

With the engine stopped, start by filling in ATF fluid up to the 30°C Max mark across the quick-fill adapter.

Atf Strainer

(Tightening torque 30 Nm, 22 ftlb.) B = Seal (replace) C = Quick-fill adapter


A = Quick-fill adapter B = Hose of filler device

Start engine with selector lever set to "P" and allow engine to idle. Observe ATF level in oil level pipe and immediately top up to the 30°C Max mark if required.


The ATF level in the transmission may vary according to the fluid temperature. The marks on the oil level pipe refer to ATF temperatures of 30°C and 80°C.

Run vehicle to warm up transmission and check ATF fluid at 80°C.

The fluid level must now between the 80° C mark and the Min and Max marks.

To determine the ATF temperature exactly, use System Tester 9288.

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