Replacing front end Replacing complete front end

The following body spare parts and special tools are required for the "Replacing front end" sectional repair operation:

Front end

D = Left-hand floor reinforcement (for LHD vehicles only)

Replacing complete front end Cutting front sncf nff the body

Replacing complete front end Cutting front end off the body

Remove all ancillaries and accessories at and near the front end!

No. Operation

Place vehicle on straightening

1 Cut through A-pillars

2 Cut through door sills

Separate spotwelds of side member

LHD vehicles only:

Separate of reinforcing panel in front floor area

Separate spotwelds of floor Separate spotwelds of


Place vehicle with rear-mounted ancillaries onto straightening attachment set and tie down vehicle.

Cut through A-pillars as closely as possible to the front

Using a body saw, cut through door sills up to the outer side member and remove in the spotweld area between body side member and front end side member.

Separate spotwelds between body side member (inner and outer) and front end side member'using a body saw.

LHD vehicles and left side of vehicle only:

Separate spotwelds between reinforcing panel and front body floor using a spotweld cutter. Separate weld joint between reinforcing panel, seat base and seat base extension with an angle grinder.

Separate spotwelds between body floor panel and front end panel with a spotweld cutter.

Separate spotwelds between body seat base and extension (on front end floor panel) using a spotweld cutter. Grind off MIG weld seam between seat base and exten-

Remove identification plate

Drill off rivets and remove identification plate.

Replacing complete front end

Attaching front end to body

Replacing complete front end Attaching front end to body

Replacing complete front end

Attaching front end to body

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