Retrofitting a CD changer

Remove front compartment carpet, spare tire, protective cover, fuel tank and battery!

No. Operation


Insert pop rivet nuts for attachment of the CD changer bracket into side member

Drill 20 mm dia. hole for routing of connecting wire

Scribe attachment points for CD changer bracket on left-hand front end of side member. Using a 9.5 mm dia. drill bit, drill holes into side member according to scribe marks. Insert M 6 pop rivet nuts into side member and rivet in place using a pop rivet nut gun,

Scribe hole for routing of CD changer/radio connecting wire on bulkhead and drill to 20 mm dia.

3 Finish assembly of CD changer

4 Insert connecting wire

Install and connect battery

5 Fit bracket for CD changer

6 Fit CD changer

Remove transport locks from CD changer. Cover open holes on CD changer using the self-adhesive sheets supplied. Fit interface to CD changer using M 4 x 8 combination screws (4 pc.). Connect interface/CD changer wiring.

Route connecting wire across hole in bulkhead, put grommet into place and insert connecting wire into radio. Tie connecting wire to wiring harness along side member.

Enter radio code, correct clock setting and carry out system adaptation.

Fit CD changer bracket to side member, using M 6 x 16 combination screws (4 pc.).

Plug connecting wire into interface (CD changer). Fit CD changer to CD changer bracket, using M 4 x 8 combination screws (5 pc.).

Check CD changer operation

Fit spare tire, modified front compartment carpet and trim for CD changer

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