Routing the wiring

Always insert suitable rubber grommets when routing wires through drill holes in sheetmetal panels.

Antenna cable

The antenna cable is routed from the passenger footwell across the right-hand A-post along the roof panel towards the B-post and to the antenna exit. Make sure the antenna cable does not cause any clattering noise.

The sun visor and courtesy light will have to be removed for fitting of the antenna cable.

D-Net wiring harness

The wiring is routed from the transmitter/receiver unit towards the front wiring harness. It is tied to the front-end wiring harness with standard tie-wraps. In the strut area, a mark to aid assembly is attached to the wiring harness.

993 Turbo Girl


Attach white mark to standard tie-wrap location.

Fit edge protector to strut tower area. Attach telephone wiring harness with wire clamp to wiring harness cover. Connect ground to ground point VI in the cover hinge area. Fit end connector to D-Net wiring harness in transverse wall.


Connect power supply wires (term. 15 and term. 30) to Central Electrical System.

Term. 30 is connected across a fuse to the screw-on terminal at the Central Electrical System.

Term. 15 is connected across a fuse to connector K 13.

The fuses are installed in a fuse holder in relay slot R 62.



Fusing of term. 15: 7.5 A Fusing of term. 30: 7.5 A

The wiring harness is ruoted across a separate 41 mm dia. drill hole into the passenger compartment. Make drill hole at the indicated centerpunch point in the Transverse wall. The rubber grommet destined for this purpose is fitted to the wiring harness

The power supply leads to the operating unit and handsfree microphone are routed along the passenger compartment wiring harness to the tunnel and along the tunnel upper edge.


On M 692 (optional radio with CD changer), the radio muting wire no. 5 (telephone mute line) is insulated and tied to the harness.


With the München RD 104 (M 687) radio with sound package (M 490), the telephone mute line must be connected to contact 4 of connector I.

If a sound package is not installed, the telephone mute line must not be connected and must remain insulated.

With the Düsseldorf RCR 84 (M336) radio, the telephone mute line must not be connected: tie up the insulated line.

See also technical information bulletin no 70/94 for 911 serie.


91 60 23 Retrofitting a CD changer

Printed in Germany -12,1995

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