Safety measures

Ignition and preparation for ignition must be performed by qualified personnel and must be supervised by a second person responsible for the ignition process.

Observe all other accident-prevention regulations.

Ignite airbag units only in installed, original Ignite airbags only in suitable, open localise only the ignition tools intended for this

Remove all other loose items from the expansion area of the airbag.

Advise all affected personnel in advance of

• Keep safety distance by using the full wire length of the igniting tool.

• If the ignition fails, do not approach the vehicle until a certain waiting time (approx. 3 minutes) has elapsed.

Keep an eye on the airbags while they cool off after they have been ignited.

• Avoid skin contact with ignited airbag units.

Connect power source only in the final preparatory step.

Remain in front of the vehicle. This also applies to persons not concerned with this work.

Ignite airbag with doors closed and rear cover or side windows open.




Ignition device Ignition lead Ignition lead

Special tools

9257/1* 9567

Order No.



000.721.925.71 Consumable part 000.721.956.70

* Order as required

68 68 Disposal of airbag units


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