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Observe the following safety notes when performing body repairs:

Removal of components may change the gravity center of the vehicle.

The vehicle may therefore have to be tied down by additional measures on the lifting platform.

Do not store other vehicles without additional protection in rooms used for body repairs (risk of fire damage due to sparks, damage to battery, paint and body glass).

Be extremely careful when grinding or welding in the vicinity of the fuel tank and other parts of the fuel system. If necessary, remove all components affected.

Do not weld, braze or solder any parts of the filled air conditioning system. This also applies to welding, brazing or soldering operations on the vehicle that may cause components of the air

When drying the vehicle following a respray, do not expose the vehicle to temperatures of max.

To protect electronic control units against excessive voltage when using electric welding equipment, observe the following safety measures:

Disconnect cable from negative battery terminal and cover negative battery terminal.

Connect ground clamp of electric welding equipment directly and as closely as possible to the component to be welded. Make sure no electrically insulated parts are located between the

Do not touch electric control units and electric lines with the ground clamp or with the welding

Safety precautions for operations involving naked flames or spark generation (welding, grinding) in the vicinity of the battery or near the location of the battery vent hose:

Remove battery and store it in a safe place.

Blow through vent hose using compressed air. Plug hose ends.

(The vent hose is routed into the left-hand wheel houing via an elbow fitting at the front above

Handling of electronic control units after accident repairs

Replacement of electronic components after an accident is required if at least one of the following conditions is present:

The housing is visibly deformed or damaged.

The support surface or console is deformed (no outward signs of damage to the unit).

The plug connection is damaged or corroded due to moisture.

The functional check or self-diagnosis of the unit displays the following fault:

if electronic components, e.g. the ABS control unit, have been removed when repairs are carried out and if they are to be reused afterwards, the operation of the components must be checked after reinstallation according to the respective specifications.

911 Carrera (993)

Special tools and sheetmetal tools for body repairs

Special tools:

Porsche P852 Body Tool

A = P 290 (Special Tool for removal and installation of door hinge pins)

B = P 852 (Windshield gauge)

C = P 853 (Rear window gauge) D = P 854 (Gauges for right and left side windows)

911 Carrera (993)

Porsche 911 Floor Replacement

Sheetmetai tools (standard):

Porsche 911 Floor Replacement
235 - 50

Sheetmetal tools (standard):

Porsche 911 Floor Replacement

Electrical power tools:

2 = Angle grinder, large

3 = Angle grinder, small

Mechanical power tools:

6 = Hole cutter

7 = Edge setter

8 = Spotweld cutter (for power drill) Air tools:

11 = Spotweld cutter


12 = Spotwelder

13 = MIG welder

Special tools for repair work on Cabriolet

Porsche 993 Door Stay Repair

A = P 9212 (test gauge for convertible top mounting points) B = P 9212/1 (adapter plates)*

* Adapter plates must be inserted between P 9212 and the convertible top mounts on the B-pillars

Dimensions lor floor assembly

Bolt Hole Fix


Dim. Point for floor assembly

Designation mm

P 21 P 3 P 5 P 6 P 1S P 19 P 12 P 20 P 13 P 14 P 22 P 21 P 3 P IS P 19 P 12 P 13 P 13 P 23

P ie

Bottom front closing section, take-up hole FA side member, bolt hole FA outer cross member, holt hole FA inner crossmember, bait Hole Platform/jacking point Iront. take-up hole Jacking point rear, iake-up hole Transmission support, bolt hole Platform rear, take-up hole Subframe. boh hole Subframe rear, bolt hole Inner engine mount, laKe-up hole

440 Ï 2 67Q + 0,5 770 + 2 204 ± 2 1330 ± 1 1236 ± 1 273 ± 1

1659 ± 3 (1654 + 3) 1447 + 3 (1414 ± 3) 1143 + 3 (1122 ± 3) 1372 ±3 (1344 Í 3) 1Q43 + 3 (1Û39 + 3)


All dimensions are measured from and to the center of hole or bolt hole. The dimensions are measured directly and are therefore oblique dimensions The dimensions in brackets are measured horizontally.

FA = Front axle RA = Rear axle

Repair check dimensions

Repair check dimensions

993 Rear Axle Struts


Reparatur Control Porsche



Printed in Germany -19, 1996

Porsche 993 Rear Subframe Diagram

Point LH/RH Designation

1 Impact absorber / pipe front, boit hole (M 8 thread)

2 Front upper closing section, take-up hole

3 FA side member, bolt hole (12 x 1.5 thread)

4 FA strut mount, take-up hole

5 Outer FA crossmember, bolt hole (M 12 x 1.5 threads)

6 Inner FA crossmember, bolt hole (M 10 thread)

7 Wheel arch, take-up hole

11 Instrument panel, take-up hole

12 Transmission mount, bolt hole

13 Subframe front, bolt hole

14 Subframe rear, bolt hole

15 RA strut mount,

16 Engine mount, take-up hole

17 Impact absorber / pipe rear, bolt hole (M 8 thread)

18 Platform / jacking point front,

19 Rear jacking point, take-up hole

20 Rear platform, take-up hole

21 Front bottom closing section,

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