Seals for doors hoods and roof

Remove scuffed rubber, apply a suitable protective coating to seals


Remove rubber scuffings and stains with benzine.


Coat seals with glycerine, talcum powder or a similar rubber care product.

Checking operation of lighting

Adjusting headlights

1. Open trunk lid.

2. Remove trunk mat from wheel housing wall.

3. Open cover for headlight adjusting screws.



A - Lateral and vertical adjustment B - Vertical adjustment

Use a standard 5 mm ball socket screwdriver


4. Clean lens and switch on dipped beam.

5. The vehicle must be placed on a level surface. Using a headlight aiming device, adjust headlights with vehicle in roadworthy condition (full fuel tank, driver's seat occupied or loaded with 75 kgs, tires inflated to



Adjust headlights with control switch set to the 0 position, (headlight beam adjuster).

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