Spare part for lefthand side Spare part for righthand side

Right-hand part (control arm) Left-hand part (control arm)


The following front-axle parts or adjacent parts differ from each other only in minor details:

- Side member

- Control arm with mounting bolts / mounting nut

- Joint carrier

993 = Olive-colored. Bore diameter of wheel carrier mount = 12 mm. 964 = Gold-colored. Bore diameter (mount) =10 mm

- Stabilizer bar / stabilizer bar mount

- Vibration damper

- Tensioning disc (ABS gear) 964 = 45 teeth

993 = 48 teeth

- Steering gear

- Brake booster with bracket

3. When fitting the control arm, start by screwing in the control arm mounting bolts only lightly.

Caution: Do not tighten the bolts until the vehicle rests on its wheels.

4. When tightening the lock nuts of the tie rod ball joint and the wheel carrier ball joint, use Special Tool 9546 (Torx screwdriver) to lock.

5. Install spring strut mount in correct position relative to strut dome, i.e. the red color dot (arrow) must point towards the front (strut mount is not symmetrical). This causes the damper piston rod to be offset towards the rear.


6. Bleed front brake circuit.

7. After assembling components or replacing parts that affect the ride height, the suspension alignment must be checked completely (vehicle height and wheel alignment). When replacing parts or undoing bolt unions that affect the wheel alignment only, check and/or adjust the wheel alignment.

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