Technical data Carrera 4S Turbo Look


Observations, dimensions

Wear limit

Operating brakes (foot brake)

Hydraulic dual-circuit brake system with front axle/rear axle circuit division. Hydraulic brake booster, internally vented and drilled brake discs with four-piston fixed calipers on front and rear axles. ABS / ABD* fitted as standard.

Brake booster Boost factor

Hydraulic 4.8

Brake master cylinder

front dia. rear dia. stroke

25.4 mm 25.4 mm 17/15 mm

Proportioning valve (2 units) Switchover pressure reducing factor

40 bar - 0.46

Brake disc diameter

front rear

322 mm 322 mm

Effective brake disc diameter

front rear

259.6 mm 268.4 mm

Piston diameter in caliper

front rear

2 x 44 + 2 x 36 mm 2 x 30 + 2 x 28 mm

Brake pad area

front rear

302 cm2 250 cm2

Total brake pad area

552 cm2

Pad thickness

front rear

approx. 11.0 mm approx. 11.0 mm

2 mm 2 mm

* ABD = automatic brake differential


5 • 'i

Observations, dimensions

Wear limit

Thickness of new brake disc


32 mm


" ' ; »

28 mm

Minimum brake disc thickness

- b

* after machining


r J

30.6 mm

30.0 mm



26.6 mm

26.0 mm


Thickness tolerance of brake disc,


0.02 mm

• ,

(new condition 0.01


Lateral runout of brake disc, max.

' ^TTfji i 'fHat

0.05 mm

Lateral runout of wheel hub, max.

0.04 mm

Lateral runout of brake disc when

fitted, max.

0.09 mm

Surface roughness of brake disc

■ ' ' '

after machining, max.

0.006 mm

Pushrod play

■ «Ws^f

(measured at brake pedal plate)

approx. 8 mm

Parking brakes (handbrake)

Drum brake, acting

mechanically on both rear


Parking brake drum diameter

180 mm

181 mm

Brake shoe width


25 mm

Brake lining thickness

4.5 mm

2 mm

The brake disc must only be machined symmetrically, i.e. by an identical amount on both sides.

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