Tightening torques for steering

Tightening Torques For Screw

Replace screws after every removal job. Use only genuine spare parts (microencapsulated screws). Since 1995, 12.9 screws have been used (previously 10.9 screws). For replacement, only 12.9 screws must be installed on all 993 vehicles. The threads of the screws and the washers must be clean and fat-free. Remove microencapsulation residuals from the threaded bores required to fix the steering gear (use Aceton for cleaning, then blow out bores with compressed air).

Before tightening, screw down the screws evenly until the fastening clamps almost touch the cross member. During final tightening, start with the screws for the short leg (of the cross member) and pull them tight, so these surfaces will be the first to fit tightly.

** Break off shear bolts after functional test (locking bolt of ignition lock) and visual inspection of all parts.

*** Replace fit bolt whenever it has been undone.

48 Tightening torques for steering Printed in Germany -16,1996

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