Tire fitting using conventional machines

Notes / tools

In order to prevent any damage to the paintwork, the rim flange should be covered with masking tape following tire removal.

For tire removal and installation, a retaining tool, special tool 9539, is required. In addition, the end of the tire lever should be flattened and then rounded (see arrow)

Tire fitting

Insert wheel in machine and apply tire lubricant to inside of wheel and both tire beads.

Before a tire is installed, the rubber valve must always be replaced. It is not always necessary to replace steel valves (see page 44-26).

When fitting tires, make sure that they are fitted in the right direction (with the inside on the inside). Caution:

Use only TIP TOP Universal, order no. 593 0601 (3.5 kg pot), or Contifix as a tire lubricant.

See the important notes on these tire lubricants on page 44-23.

Before you install the second bead, the fitting arm should be opposite the valve. Then place the second bead as flat as possible on the wheel, guide it over the fitting head and hold it in place using special tool 9539 at an angle of 90 - 120°.

During the turning and installation of the second bead, a second tire lever and special tool 9539 must be held against the tire bead in the well.



Depending on the wheel/tire combination, it may be necessary to apply the additional tire lever below the hump.


When the tire is filled, the beads must cross the hump at a pressure of no more than 3.75 bar gage

If necessary, repeat lubricant application.

Tire removal

Set fitting head as for tire fitting (Fig. 1014A - 44).

Press tire off at both sides.

Apply tire lubricant to tire and wheel flange.

44 Tire fitting using conventional machines Printed in Germany -16, 1996

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