Tuning model 94 remote

Vehicles with immobilizer M 530


As a result of tolerances in the ignition lock, it is not possible to define precisely the position at which the buzzer contact is closed by the ignition key.

Depending on the tolerances, the buzzer contact(S) in the ignition lock may be closed between positions 0 and I or between positions I and II (Fig. B).


I = terminal X (windshield wipers on)

II = terminal 15 (ignition on)

III = terminal 50 (starter)

When the key is removed from the ignition lock, the buzzer contact is opened (switched off). This signal is required for tuning the remote control units.

Manual transmission vehicles.

The buzzer contact signal is transmitted via pin 12 in the 14-pin connector (passenger compartment wire harness, connector X4/1 under the left seat).

1. Remove the left seat. Do not unplug the connector; carefully remove the connector cover and connect a test lamp to pin 12 (red/black) and ground.

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2. Turn the key slowly from position 0 to position II in the ignition lock and observe the position at which the test lamp lights up.

Tiptronic vehicles:

The buzzer contact signal can be observed on the

LEDs of the selector indicator (speedometer instrument cluster).

1. Turn the key slowly from position 0 to position II in the ignition lock.


The position where the buzzer contact is operated can be located as follows.

2. Observe the position at which one of the LEDs of the selector indicator lights up.

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