Drive links

With this menu item, it is possible to activate drive links of the alarm system using the Porsche System Tester 2. This allows the function of the drive links to be assessed very quickly.

The following drive links can be actuated: Comfort closing Comfort opening Power window control Indicator, door locked Locking closed Locking open Tank cap closed Tank cap open Interior light Load disconnection Luggage compartment, rear

Function indicator Control, external output Alarm horn

Direction indicator lights, left/right External output Note

The radio unit or the PCM operator control unit are connected to an auxiliary frame by the Radio contact The radio contact area on the radio unit or PCM operator control unit has an insulating strip. If this insulating strip wears through the contact tab, ground contact can occur. In the case of maintained contact no alarm is triggered. This is because all active inputs (ground connection) are blocked when activated to trigger an alarm. In the case of a loose contact, an alarm may be triggered. Under the menu item Events, the PST 2 can be used to read out the cause of the alarm being triggered. Under the menu item Input signals, the status of the radio contact can be read out.

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