Drive links

The menu item Drive links enables the following system functions to be checked.

Fore-and-aft adjustment forward

Store position 1

Fore-and-aft adjustment backward

Store position 2

Backrest forward

Store position 3

Backrest backward

Approach required position 1

Front height upward

Approach required position 2

Front height downward

Approach required position 3

Rear height upward

Rear height downward


The drive links are not activated until the switch M is depressed continuously.

Left mirror to right Left mirror to left Left mirror upward Left mirror downward Right mirror to right Right mirror to left Right mirror upward Right mirror downward Fill upper valve Bleed upper valve Fill lower valve

72 98 Diagnosis/troubleshooting, seat memory (System S 01) 72 - D 39

Printed in Germany - 25, 1999 99672D1

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