Electric motor for backrest adjustment

The backrest is adjusted by an electric motor with transmission. A Hall-effect sensor is integrated into the electric motor which measures the actual position.

Switch for seat adjustment

Manual adjustment of the seat positions is carried out by actuating the three switches located on the driver's seat (front seat).

[1,2,3]- Fore-and-aft adjustment and height adjustment are carried out by actuating the switch in the positions shown in Figure 615_98

[4]- The seat backrest can be brought into desired position by actuating the switch.

[5]- The lumbar support is inflated or deflated by actuating the switch.

Changing Porsche Lumbar Switch

Figure 613_98 shows how the following system components are arranged under the front seat.

[1]- Control module

[2]- Electric motor for front height adjustment

[3]- Electric motor for seat adjustment

[4]- Electric motor for rear height adjustment


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