Fault Fault codePossible causes elimination notes

3. Clear the fault memory.

4. Check whether the fault appears again.

a) If the fault does not appear again, replace the passenger's airbag b) If the fault appears again, check the wiring harness for pinches c) If no fault is found on the wiring harness, replace the triggering Note

This fault path is checked only during the self-test of the triggering unit, i.e. updating of the fault during the cyclical tests does not take place.

If the fault memory is cleared, the ignition must be switched off, the ignition key removed and the ignition switched on again in order to check the fault path. Only in this way is another self-test carried out.

Test point 3

Supply voltage Fault code 03

1. Inspect the battery and generator.

2. Inspect the plug connection on the triggering unit for corrosion.

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