Porsche Fault 0008304

Overview of possible faults

Data lead, air conditioner-PCM Data lead, navigation unit-PCM Data lead, PCM-navigation unit Data lead, DSP-PCM Speedometer A, navigation unit Signal, reverse gear-navigation unit Antenna, navigation unit Data lead, PCM-instrument cluster Data lead, instrument cluster-PCM Vehicle data record Program memory Signal, terminal 15 PCM Signal, terminal 86 s PCM

Control module faulty/navigation unit

Navigation fault, gyro

Control module faulty/navigation unit

Connection to audio module

Telephone, internal fault

Connection to telephone

Write error, Flash

Video interface

Fault, memory interface

Fault, photo sensor Control module faulty


Faults can be stored during initialisation of the

PCM if all plugs are not connected.

If a fault appears under Environmental Condition in combination with an unrealistic date, e.g. 7 Feb. 36, the fault was stored at a time at which there was not yet any satellite reception.

The faults are stored only during the phase after terminal 86 s has been disconnected.

níi overview Test point Fault code

niiTiatii ta lyed

No iu':e guidai No lu'e guidai No fum Lio ate po¡ ion terminati GflVflràmg ec: ;ed íel :tñ 'eceptioi

26 26

tefep fundió functioi

Test point Fault code Fault effect Page

20 39 No screen display 91 - D 30

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