Fault memory

Overview of possible faults

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If the fault memory cannot be erased, it is necessary to check whether the coding corresponds to the vehicle equipment.

When a fault is stored, the Porsche System Tester 2 can provide more information about the fault if the F8 key is pressed. A counter is started when the symbol changes from not present to present. This counter indicates how often the change took place from present to not present. At this changeover, the display simultaneously changes from static to sporadic, which indicates a loose contact.

When a fault is identified, a fault start clock is started. The fault start clock shows the time in hours, minutes and seconds that has passed since the fault first occurred.

When a changeover occurs from present to not present, a fault stop clock is started. The fault stop clock shows the time which has passed since the fault was no longer present. However, with both clocks, only ignition on times are shown. This means that the clocks are stopped when the ignition is switched off.

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