Alarm system diagnosis 911 Carrera (996)

Compare this radio code with the radio codes at positions 1 to 4. This comparison allows the position of the lost hand-held transmitter (radio code) to be identified, as one "radio code" is ultimately left over at positions 1 to 4.

Insert the vehicle key equipped with the new hand-held transmitter into the ignition lock and switch on the ignition. Establish communication with the control module. Select the identified position using the arrow keys [a] and [v], then delete the radio code with key [F3]. Then press the [F8] key.

13. Carefully input the 24-digit code number with the arrow keys [a] or [v] and press the double arrow key [ยป].

14. The following message appears on the screen: "Please confirm input". Check the input and press the [F7] key.

15. Now the hand-held transmitter is taught. Go back to the menu item Learning function, remove the key and switch on the ignition again. Once the key has been removed again, the hand-held transmitter is ready for use. Check hand-held transmitter for operation.

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