Porsche 996 Alarm When Opening Door

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Alarm system diagnosis 911 Carrera (996)

the deactivation period by the display type 3 at the alarm readiness display output and at the display output "Door locked". An opening command deletes the switch-off command.

If activation occurs by way of the emergency function (locking 3 times quickly), the output "External Electronics" is not switched on for this activation cycle. This is acknowledged by signal 1 at the alarm horn and direction indicator light output, as well as by display type 2 at the alarm readiness display output. A deactivation command deletes this command.

If terminal 86 S, terminal 15 or a valid transponder key is recognised during the deactivation period, the alarm system is deactivated (protection against unintentional activation). The central locking system is

A system self-test is carried out upon activation. The result of this test is acknowledged via the alarm readiness light and the display "Door locked" and can be called up from the status memory via the diagnosis function. Equipment faults are written into the fault memory. Faults are indicated at the alarm horn and direction indicator light outputs by signal 2.

The alarm system is deactivated by a ground signal at the input "Deactivate" or by a deactivation signal from the handheld transmitter. If a valid transponder key is recognised, the alarm system is also deactivated.

The integrated tilt sensor is active analogously to the output Control of External Electronics. During this time, a change in the vehicle tilt triggers an alarm. The current tilt of the vehicle is stored as a reference value during a calibration phase defined for the tilt sensor. The system has an alarm siren with a rechargeable battery supply which can emit an alarm if the vehicle battery

Behaviour in the case of servicing

When removing the vehicle battery the alarm siren the alarm control centre an activated tilt sensor will trigger an alarm. In order to carry out servicing work the alarm siren must be switched off before the work is commenced. To switch it off, insert the vehicle key with valid transponder into the steering lock and rotate to actuate the buzzer contact. Components can be removed with triggering the alarm as long as the vehicle key remains inserted.

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