Test point 1

Switch position implausible Fault code 01

This fault is only stored in the memory when an operation (button or comfort function with the key).

1. Check response of micro-switches of rear section flaps left and right. A defective micro-switch must be replaced.

Refer to Serv. No. 61 41 19

2. Check response of micro-switch in convertible-top latch.

If the micro-switch is defective, replace the convertible-top latch.

Test point 2

Button short to ground Fault code 02

1. Check pin 1 to pin 4 for continuity (bitmap on "close" switch), check button pin 2 to pin 4 for continuity

2. Measure resistance of wires 1 and 2 to one another with the ohmmeter. Display 1.8 - 2.0 K Q

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